FeedSol is a social enterprise developed by Engro, Seed Ventures and FMO to offer quality, nutrition-rich, and affordable animal feed products to smallholder and medium-sized dairy farmers to improve livestock health, increase milk yields, and improve dairy farming economics in Pakistan. Improving the viability of rural areas through the support of multi-functional agriculture and alternative options of livestock feed, was the ultimate goal behind this whole project. Our purpose is to ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of essential feed products. We build sustainable livestock supply chains. On a global landscape, the intensive demand of livestock and livestock products, such as meat, dairy and milk has spurred the growth of animal feed production and animal feed exports among many leading animal feed companies around Pakistan.

Today, the global animal feed production is estimated to be nearly 1 billion tonnes annually, while the world’s top 100 animal feed companies are responsible for about 42% of the world compound production volume every year. In the world, Pakistan is the home of many world’s leading animal feed producers. FeedSol has been identified as one of the most reliable of these largest animal feed manufacturers in Pakistan by having their extensive experience in dairy development. After getting the strong grip on dairy development, Engro Corporation joins hand with Seed Ventres to utilize their expertise and introduce their own concentrates, minerals and silage. Our annual feed productions are perfectly according to the International feed standard. We believe there is a strong movement rising in farmer’s mind related to the change of feed for their animals which may more effective within their low budget. One of our vision is to create a self-sustaining enterprise that empowers small farmers in Pakistan to fight hunger without reliance on external aid or charity by getting membership of your franchise. We started a franchise system to support farmers in emerging market. We are trying to expand our social mission, not just rejiggering our business model.


FeedSol has developed sustainable supply chains of animal feed products. Our purpose is to fulfill the all feeding requirement of livestock animals with variety of feed products according to animal’s body requirement.

FeedSol is one shop where you find all kind of feed products under one roof.  We ensure the availability and accessibility of all variety of feed products across Pakistan. Apart from providing all feeding solutions of animals, we provide free consultancy, diagnosis, prescription writing and training services to our farmer’s community.


  • Our all concentrate formulations for lactating animals are designed according to lactation curve
  • We have variety of concentrate feed to choose for animal which has not been offered by any other company in market
  • Our concentrate has been formulated after complete research and trails
  • It can compete any brand in market in terms of high production and best health of animal
  • Our specialised concentrate is for heifers to make them healthy and induce heat on time, such concentrate is not at all offered by any other company in market
  • All concentrates have high palatability
  • We have no compromise on quality
  • Best quality feed ingredients have been used always