FeedSol has variety of livestock feeding products which has been formulated after proper research and according to animal’s nutritional requirement.

For Breeding Heifers
Rahbar Queen Grow
(Growing Female Calves Formula)

  • Unique product of FeedSol
  • It makes sure the weight gain of 300 kg in 12 months
  • It helps in complete development of reproductive system and female calves come in heat on time and get pregnant
  • High quality Amino Acid Profile
  • Preparation of concentrate in 3.5mm pellet size by keeping in mind the improved intake of animal
Rahbar Queen Grow

For Lactating Animals
Rahbar Glorious
(Early lactation Formula)

  • Feed to start just after parturition
  • Best formulation for high lactating cattle/buffalo
  • Saves the animal from negative energy balance
  • Works as a best PUSH towards high lactation of animal
  • It can increase milk production till 20-25 liter depending upon animal’s production potential
  • It helps animal to get pregnant again on time
Rahbar Glorious

For Lactating Animals
Rahbar Milk Flow
(Mid lactation Formula)

  • It is balanced feed for pregnant animal and helps in maintaining healthy pregnancy
  • It is best for animals giving milk production of 12- 18 liters
  • It prolongs the lactation curve
Rahbar Milk Flow

For Fattening Animals
Rahbar Grow Fast
(Calf Fattening Formula)

  • This feed is completely free from hormones and harmful feedstuff
  • It stimulates the animal’s weight gain process
  • It has high energy level as compared to other concentrates
  • It improves animal’s health and boosts animals physical appearance by gaining proper weight
  • It should be given 2% of body weight daily
Rahbar Grow Fast

For Lactating and Dry Animals
Rahbar Milk Shine
(Mid lactation Formula)

  • It is best concentrate for pregnant animal especially to maintain its health in dry period
  • It has been formulated according to animal’s physical needs by keeping the balance of energy and protein
  • Balanced addition of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps in maintaining the healthy pregnancy and calf
  • Ensures the birth of healthy calf
Rahbar Milk Shine

60 KG Bale
Bale Corn Silage
(1 Ton Bale)

  • High quality, nutritious fodder
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Lower investment costs
  • Feeding herd is easy and cost effective
  • Bale silage is perfectly preserved till feed-out
  • Small silage bales are cost effective and serves best to small farmers having less no. of animals
  • Wrapping bale in silage stretch film creates an airtight seal that gives ideal ensiling environment for fermenting the crop
  • Use of inoculant in silage bales makes it more digestible and toxin free
Bale Corn Silage